Fashion Sustainability Tips from SAFIRO

Fashion sustainability tips from safiro

Fashion Sustainability Tips from SAFIRO Safiro

You can read the full guide with further insights by following this link:

We all love shopping for beautiful things. And we know that sometimes you’ve been let down by the low quality of clothing. Buying more and more clothes which you wear a couple of times isn’t sustainable. By making wise shopping choices, we have the power to change the fact that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

How the clothes are designed and made has a significant impact – the fabric composition, the relevance of the design over time, and how it was made all contribute to how long we can use the garment.

So, how do you recognise if the garment was designed and made sustainably when you shop? This process may be confusing to start with, but knowing what questions to ask and consider could be a good start.

For example, very original and trendy clothing usually goes out of fashion within one season. As a result, we generate more and more textile waste. The solution to this is to buy more versatile garments that you can keep longer, and that fit you perfectly and match the looks in your current wardrobe.

You can read the full guide with further insights by following this link:


Another very important aspect is quality. For example, does the garment feel comfortable to wear? Is it well made, or will it fall apart?

Air pollution is also quite a big issue in the fashion industry as it’s responsible for 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. Considering how far did the garment travel to you will also be a consideration for sustainably made clothing.

As you can see, there are a lot of aspects that make a sustainable garment and to help you with making choices when shopping; we share with you our tips. 

At SAFIRO, our mission is to create beautiful garments responsibly. Our limited edition luxury garments are made of natural fabrics by local artisans in England. We start making the garment once you place an order. We can adjust the length of the garment or sleeves to ensure a perfect fit. 


We hope this guide will help you make informed choices when you buy clothing, so it’s better for you and the environment. 

Some tips are also to help you ensure that your favourite garments last longer.

Join us on the journey of elegance and achieve your dreams through the way you dress. 


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