Festive collection from SAFIRO



Festive collection from SAFIRO Safiro
Discover garments from the collection displayed on these images: Platinum Pearl Dress Jade Pearl TopIndigo Pearl skirt.

“Shimmer, confidence, mystery and a fresh start – are the words to describe the new festive capsule collection from SAFIRO, which includes occasion and party dresses, evening jackets & our new skirt and top sets that were designed during the pandemic. It offers a reflection on challenges we’ve been going through this year and an inspiration for a fresh start.” Yulia Shirokova, Founder & Creative Director  


Design is often born from our emotions, which are experienced during defining moments in our lives. 

The first festive capsule collection from SAFIRO is festive yet reflective of the challenges we all have experienced this year.

The selection of garments includes the occasion and party dresses and elegant skirt & top sets for the evening. The colour scheme is navy blue, black & winter white, with a delicate shimmer in platinum gold and silver.

Such high colour contrast is quite unusual for SAFIRO aesthetic. However, it represents the duality of opposites and reflects the extreme challenges and emotions we experienced this year. And on the other hand, it offers inspiration for a fresh start.

Darker midnight blues suggest the shades of far-off galaxies and outer space, or the deepest ocean depths, implying the air of mystery or the unknown as well as confidence. While white – the colour of freshly fallen snow – representing a fresh start – something that we are all looking forward to in 2021.


Festive collection from SAFIRO Safiro
Discover garments from the collection displayed on these images:  Jade Pearl TopIndigo Pearl skirtSapphire Cashmere Coat.


Each dress is crafted like a jewel, radiating a sense of occasion. Delicate yet strong designs with expressive textures shine on the matt or transparent surface, enabling the wearer to feel feminine yet confident.

The contrast of sheer and volume, matt and shimmery create that ‘wow’ factor. These dresses, like jewels, will grace your bodies with their spectacular brilliance.

In mythology, one of the three greatest goddesses – Diana, the goddess of the moon – is clothed in blue and white or blue and silver. She is known as “goddess of light and the moon” because “she made it like day during the night”*.

This could be a great inspiration for us – to be able to find a way to shine and lit up our world with kindness, empathy, compassion and understanding towards ourselves and those around us during these challenging times.

Thus, the collection reminds us that we need to embrace challenges we face with strong confidence and prepare for a fresh start to enable us get through the current situation.

The collection is currently presented at Nicola Donati boutique in Belgravia.

*C.M.C. Green, Roman Religion and the Cult of Diana at Aricia (New York: Cambridge University press, 2007), 7475.
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