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“After a transformational 2020, this year signifies the start of a new phase. Reflecting this spirit and our desire to move forward, the vibe for dressing is effortless yet extra meaningful. We look for cool, incredibly chic and sophisticated clothes that will fit us perfectly and portray our authentic selves. The SAFIRO collection with personalised style and one of a kind garments fits this vibe perfectly.” Yulia Shirokova, Founder & Creative Director, SAFIRO  


It’s a new year which calls for new looks to add to your wardrobe because we all went through incredible transformation last year and looking to move forward with new energy. The way we dress has a big part to play. As Edith Head said: “You can achieve anything you want in life, if you dress for it.”  

While we consider what we want to achieve this year and beyond after the pandemic, let’s feel inspired by creating beautiful looks that will motivate us to set the bar high and evoke confidence to achieve what we want. As the saying goes, ‘dress better to feel better’.

SAFIRO offers elegant yet colourful designs with tailored silhouettes that will immediately put a smile on your face. For instance, the Orchid Kimono Jackets hand-made from double cashmere in coral or double wool in pink and royal blue

Glamorous, Art Deco from crystal brooches that take us back in time to the golden age of the roaring 20s. Also, taking notes from the bold 80s style, with shimmery evening platinum dresses in black and gold. Clothes from eras of opulence, splurging, spending, living satisfying, fulfilling lives and feeling good. 

This season-less collection is reminiscent of such times from the Champagne Jade Pearl Top to the Champagne Opal Jacket all of which evoke confidence, femininity and fierce independence in all of us as women when we step out into the world.

One of a Kind


The incredible eye for detail and time it took to make each piece in this collection is something to consider. The numerous factors involved in creating such clothes make them one of a kind. 

For example, the lightweight tweed jackets are meticulously hand-made by quilting silk satin lining to the main fabric instead of fusing interlining, create a soft-structured look while preserving the fabric’s texture and keeping it light as a feather.  

Jackets that elevate our style and comfort with minimalist tweed designs are scarce to find. With SAFIRO, your #OOTD options are endless. For example, you can pair the Silver Pearl Jacket with silver pearl top and White Lily Trousers.

Personalised and Authentic


SAFIRO’s quiet luxury paves the way for sustainable garment production and covers our personalised style and intrinsic values. 2020, was a year of self-reflection on our impact on our world. We now buy with an eye for dressing for ourselves, not based on other people’s opinions. 

Through that, we strengthened our relationship with ourselves. 2021 is a new beginning where the vibe for dressing is effortless yet extra meaningful, maintaining our structure and poise with jackets that we could dress up or dress down. 

We look for cool, incredibly chic and sophisticated clothes we could put together to fit us perfectly and portray our authentic selves. We want to invest in timeless, versatile pieces that will last forever. 

Classic, hand-crafted items that define simplicity and elegance help us quickly transition from morning to evening.  

For another look try, the White Pearl Chiffon Blouse with Silver Crystal Jacket  hand-embroidered SAFIRO Crystal Brooch and White Lily Trousers to layer a regal look like no other for a year like no other.
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