Say it in Safiro, this Valentine’s Day!

Say it in SAFIRO, this Valentine's Day!

the dresses that will make you shine

Say it in Safiro, this Valentine’s Day! Safiro

“At SAFIRO, we create more than just beautiful garments. It is a special feeling and a way of life that allows us express our individuality through our unique style, with limited edition collections. This is an empowering message. We have the power to showcase our passion, our drive to be wonderful career women, remarkable mothers and nurturing sisters.” Yulia Shirokova, Founder & Creative Director, SAFIRO 


Take a journey with SAFIRO this Valentine’s season to a surreal place with a fairytale and alluring couture. It’s where we seek solace, our peace of mind. SAFIRO is the embodiment of a new era which is avant-garde yet old-fashioned, classic yet futuristic.  

Moreover, sartorial style is finding harmony similar to a musical symphony, meaning it needs rhythm and balance. SAFIRO knows symmetry and sensuality because we understand the importance of stimulating the five senses by indulging through textures from form-fitting silhouettes to voluminous, vibrant dresses. 

Romantic elegance from SAFIRO


As we know, there’s a fine line between classy or tacky; sensual and vulgar that SAFIRO understands very well. This is why SAFIRO garments are for women who want to look chic and elegant without showing too much or trying too hard. It’s allure or better yet the artistry of subtlety. SAFIRO’s the epitome of refined, polished taste with its sense of what’s aesthetically pleasing.

Firstly, our attitude, personality, and behaviour towards others, and ourselves is reflective of how we feel within. Secondly, the voluminous, luxurious quality of clothes positively influences our confidence. As we know, self-love always comes first, and seeking perfection is something to live by if not aspire to. 

Romantic movies and romantic novels inspire us. And history teaches us to aim high and dream big. Love is what we embrace and chase since the beginning of time. Cupid’s flying arrow hits us hard where love steals our soul and sneaks into our hearts. Love is rare, like a shooting star or a castle in the sky. That once in a lifetime love – once we find it, we must hold on to it

Dresses for a day or cocktail occasion


Our style reflects who we are when we show up in the world, not just on Valentine’s day but also every day. SAFIRO’s dresses stole our hearts, and it was love at first sight. 

Not to mention, there are many exclusive day and evening dresses to choose from for any occasion. We can turn up the heat this winter with SAFIRO’s regal handmade Rosaline Wool Dress paired with red heels. 
We get to look seductive in SAFIRO’s limited edition lamb-leather and lace Burgundy Crystal Dress  ombined with Safiro’s handmade cashmere and wool Pearl Evening Coat  a burgundy lipstick, a gold clutch and gold heels. 


For another sultry look try the silk chiffon jacquard Rose Quartz Dress with the burgundy velvet belt with SAFIRO’s White Pearl Jacket, minimal makeup, a black clutch and black heels.

With SAFIRO we reach for the stars where the sky is the limit when we invest in timeless pieces from an exclusive collection. The numerous factors involved in creating such clothes make them one of a kind. 

Evening dresses and blazers


We outshine the moon in the stellar white silk Platinum Pearl Dress paired with white heels and a white clutch. This dress delivers drama, and it comes in blue and black as well. 
Also, the eye-catching silk cloque Night Blue Crystal Dress which pairs well with blue heels for a monochromatic look. 
For yet another stunning style alternative, try SAFIRO’s White Coral Lace Dress combined with SAFIRO’s handmade Black Pearl Blazer with lurex and silk satin lining, minimal makeup, a silver clutch and silver heels. No matter how ambitions your goals are this year,  the limit does not exist with SAFIRO.


 In conclusion, we invite you to book a virtual style appointment as we would love to help you select a dress that will make you shine this Valentine’s Day.
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