Sharing SAFIRO Story – Podcast

sharing Safiro story- podcast

Yulia Shirokova in conversation with Founder Grazia Giuliani

Sharing SAFIRO Story - Podcast Safiro

“I believe that wearing beautiful clothes that empower you is a core part of feeling confident and inspired to achieve your dreams. At SAFIRO, we believe that wearing sustainable fashion gives you extra confidence about being kinder to yourself and our planet.” Yulia Shirokova, Founder & Creative Director, SAFIRO


We are delighted to share with you our podcast with Founder, Grazia Giuliani and SAFIRO Founder, Yulia Shirokova, discussing all things related to sustainable fashion, luxury womenswear and the industry’s future. is a new vibrant virtual members club for tasteful changemakers. It was created for people who add flavour to culture, cuisine, nature, art, social, ethical and environmental initiatives.

“I feel that staying connected to your femininity is the key to finding the balance in the modern world. As women, we have many roles to play and the pressure to succeed is high. Through SAFIRO style, we try to remind women that their feminine qualities are their power.” Yulia Shirokova, Founder & Creative Director, SAFIRO


At the beginning of the podcast Yulia shared more about her upbringing and her journey from the beautiful Siberia to London. Then, she explained how this influenced her inspiration for SAFIRO. Furthermore, Yulia and Grazia discussed the connection between psychology and fashion. They concluded that the concept ‘dress better to feel better’ will help us keep our spirits high during the lockdown and restart our lives.

Please tune in to hear more about our story and discover!

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