Inspiring Pastel Outfits from SAFIRO

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INSPIRING Pastel outfits from SAFIRO

Goodbye, gloomy greys, hello sunny pastels! Let the sunshine in for the future that's bright. And we feel something good will happen, as beautifully said by stylist Cristina Ehrlich and singer Kate Bush. 

Why choose pastel colour clothes for your wardrobe?

Now is the time to embrace these bright, illuminating powdery pastels that boost our mood all year round. Think ice cream, cotton candy, subdued neon, highlighter colours. These happy hues enhance our saccharine colour palette. 

All of which brings fun and hope back into our lives. As stylist Erica Cloud suggested – cerulean sky blue is the epitome of a lady, if not “the portrait of a lady.”

This season, we choose pastel outfits not just for uplifting our spirit. From romantic to elegant and sophisticated, these beautiful pastel clothes in our wardrobe could be both, practical and versatile. Let’s say you are planning to travel. Having pastel looks in your collection can make it very easy to pack for both, cooler and warmer weather because it’s easy to mix and match your outfits.

Where did pastel outfits originate?

Interestingly, pastel colours for fashion come from the art world. Thanks to the German-born artist Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/8-1543) who invented and manufactured pastels. We can now enjoy these beautiful and sophisticated shades. Then, he moved to London and influenced the ‘crayon painting’. This is how pastels were initially called in 16th century, Northern Renaissance. 

Soon enough, artists such as Daniel Garden, John Russel, Francis Cotes, Benedetto Lotti, and numerous others noticed the collectable, style staple pastels serve. Later, Pantone, filmmakers, fashion and interior designers, and even advertisers took notes on this timeless trend, if not a cyclical one.

Pastel outfits withstood the test of time and appeared a decade after decade. They are a stellar pop of colour to utilise through oversized coats combined with form-fitting tops to soft colours paired with intense ones.

How to wear pastel colour outfits?

When it comes to incorporating pastel clothing into your wardrobe, there are so many variables to consider. From organza volume to feminine florals, lace or graphic prints to name a few. All these options could make us elegantly stand out in a crowd. 

With that, we elevate grace and poise. Just like Audrey Hepburn or Princess Diana you’ll feel ladylike.  Maeve Reilly, Hailey Beiber’s stylist, makes sure she emulates that style daily as well by eloquently adding a pop of colour here and there, through a bag or a hat.  

We invite you to incorporate these bright pastels into your wardrobe to add texture, dimension and character to your look. SAFIRO collection beautifully features several pastel colour stories. With some imagination and a cup of coffee look through your wardrobe, and we are sure you’ll find something inspiring for a perfect spring look.

Safiro off-white colour story

This is one of our favourite colour stories, combining white and cream tone garments into one look. It will make you look and feel elegant and sophisticated. Also, it immediately lifts the energy and makes you feel lady-like. Furthermore, this colour palette is versatile and suits women with both dark and light complexion. 

fabulous addition would be a combination of fabrics with different textures and weight to add lightness and flow to your outfit. One signature cream and white look from SAFIRO includes White Lily Trousers, White Pearl Chiffon Blouse and Champaign Opal Jacket. The chiffon blouse adds flow and fluidity to the look. Then, the white trousers are made of fine yet structured wool with silk lining and feature pleats at the front with our signature cut. This elongates the silhouette and adds a unique feminine touch. Furthermore, the softness and subtle shimmer of the Champaign Opal Jacket with our signature folded shoulder line adds softness, volume and chic. 

A contrast velvet belt with a statement buckle creates an hourglass silhouette and add a sophisticated edge to this refined look.

For a day-to-evening alternative to this outfit, you can swap White Pearl Chiffon Blouse for SAFIRO Jade Pearl Top. This silk satin top is stretchy and features a hand-draped accentuated shoulder with an option to wear with a second shoulder open or closed.

SAFIRO White Pearl Chiffon Blouse

SAFIRO Jade Pearl Silk-satin Stretch Top

SAFIRO White Lilly Fine Wool Trousers

SAFIRO Campagne Opal Tweed Jacket 

Safiro azure colour story

Reminding you of sea breeze, these pastel outfits are fresh and refined. This refreshing palette could become your favourite if you prefer clean, crisp finish.

SAFIRO understands the brilliant artistry of gracefully layering patterns, the subtlety of colour-blocking, balancing portions of pastels. And this refreshing colour theme is no exception.

Next time you go to a cocktail party, try SAFIRO’s demure Jade Pearl top paired with the long, overflowing Azore Citrine skirt made of silk jacquard. For another ladylike evening look, try SAFIRO’s shimmery silk Crystal Flower Dress paired with the dynamic Azure Cashmere Coat. All SAFIRO coats are handmade from double cashmere. 


SAFIRO Crystal Flower Silk Shimmery Dress

SAFIRO Jade Pearl Silk-satin Stretch Top

SAFIRO Azure Double Cashmere Coat for women (sold-out)

SAFIRO Sapphire Double Cashmere Coat for Women

safiro powder pastels colour story

Then, there is the option of trying neutral pastel clothing. This look includes bright white, soft buttercream white, ivory, and even eggshell white. For example, Rosie Huntington Whitley regularly wears this combination. The ALAIA White laser-cut ankle boots with SAFIRO’s lightweight wool White Lily Trousers will emulate effortless elegance perfectly. 

For a sophisticated addition, pair the SAFIRO’s silk-satin Jade Pearl fitted top in mint with the reversible two-colour Orchid Kimono Jacket. What’s even more beautiful is that it’s made by hand from double cashmere. Finish the look with SAFIRO’s silk-satin face mask in light mint colour. 

SAFIRO Jade Pearl Silk-satin Stretch Top

SAFIRO Reversible Orchid Kimono Jacket (handmade)

SAFIRO White Lilly Fine Wool Trousers

SAFIRO Crystal Brooch (embroidered by hand)

Safiro sorbet pastels colour story

It’s a sorbet pastel colour story we tell the world in our statement creations. SAFIRO’s silk Rose Crystal Chiffon Blouse paired with our Rose Crystal Tweed Jacket have an eye-catching yet wearable aesthetic. It’s an ode to a youthful, forever young 80s pretty in pink, Molly Ringwald if you will. 

For a cheerful yet mature monochromatic look, try the Rose Crystal Tweed Jacket with SAFIRO’s Rosaline Light Wool dress for a glamorous afternoon look.

SAFIRO Rose Crystal Chiffon Blouse

SAFIRO Rose Crystal Tweed Blazer

White Lilly Fine Wool Trousers

Rosaline Fine Wool Dress

White Shimmery Tweed Jacket (with sequins)

Chic, Comfort and Versatility

As we’ve seen, the variations of looks you can create with pastels are endless. From soft romantic to sophisticated, elegant and empowered – you are spoilt for choice. Besides, they uplift our mood and please the eye.

We are passionate about creating statement looks in pastel colours at SAFIRO. We aim is to help you reach new horizons all year round with the pastel inspired collections. 

Our vision is to create outfits that are elegant and presentable yet comfy so you can wear them day-to-night. We hope you’ll find them the ideal fit for the board room or the boardwalk.

SAFIRO‘s designs beautifully combine dainty yet edgy every time we go outside. Our separates layered together to make a statement outfit wherever you go all year round. The possibilities are endless.   

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