with a masterclass in monochrome magic

This week brought one of the main highlights to the social events scene in the UK and in the world – Royal Ascot. It was also the first social event the SAFIRO team took part since the brand launch. 

We were delighted to see ladies in SAFIRO outfits paired with stunning hats by Victoria Grant. Complimented with the exquisite jewellery from the House of Garrard they were stealing headlines, and turning heads and lenses alike.

SAFIRO Founder Yulia Shirokova and her guest Michelle Gay wowed the cameras on the second day of Royal Ascot. Yulia’s outfit comprising her signature Safiro two-piece Azore Citrine skirt and a golden Jade Pearl top was hailed by one journalist as a Masterclass in Monochrome Magic. 

“I have always loved the atmosphere of Royal Ascot, and it was such an honour to share the same pages as The Duchess of Wessex and Lauren Silverman. We were thrilled at the reaction to our outfits, and it was great seeing so much glamour on such a glorious day”


Yulia Shirokova


Yulia wore a book-matched top and skirt in gilt silk, which one journalist described as a ‘masterclass in monochrome magic’.

Yulia chose to compliment her look with Saturn – crystal halo hat. This unique head piece was inspired by Saturn and crystal galaxies. It’s futuristic look is in citrine colour with Swarovski crystals. SAFIRO gold top and shimmery texture of the skirt created a layered monochrome look and different shades of yellow and gold beautifully combines.

The set of Aloria Yellow Sapphire earrings and a necklace with round white diamonds and calibré cut yellow sapphires. The jewels, curtesy of the legendary House of Garrard, made the look even more striking.


Michelle opted for our Crystal Flower dress in a classic Ascot style and a blue ‘Bellini’ hat, with green belt beautifully highlighting her waist. 

Michelle complimented her look with a pair of 18ct white gold earrings and a necklace from the Albemarle collection set with round white diamonds for an elegant and stunning look.

“I so enjoyed wearing the Crystal Flower Dress, the moment I put it on I felt like a princess! It’s skilfully crafted and the silk fabric is so lightweight that it moves beautifully. It isn’t restrictive at all and is very comfortable to wear. It’s perfect both, for a day or longer evening event.

The length, waistband and cut at the back make it very flattering and I received so many compliments wearing it. It’s truly versatile as all of the colours make it easy to accessorise to create different looks with each wear.”



Yulia and Michelle complimented their SAFIRO outfits with hats by milliner-to-the-stars Victoria Grant and jewellery from Albemarle and Aloria collections from the legendary House of Garrard, which was established in 1722.  

A Day at the Races: Royal Ascot 2021 Safiro

In addition to making the dailies, including spreads in the Daily Express, the Daily Mail, Metro and Forbes, Yulia and Michelle were spotted by Ascot TV and featured in the final round-up of the day. Michelle gave an interview about her outfit and the day itself.

Perhaps the unique marriage of contemporary styling with traditional craftsmanship helped create their striking and elegant summer looks which turned heads and lenses alike.