safiro luxury fashion collection stuns at the iconic berkeley hotel

At London’s Berkeley Hotel on 30 November, digital art collectors and luxury fashion lovers were presented with a truly unique experience. A private showcase of sustainability-focused SAFIRO’s fashion was complimented by Andrew Bernadi’s mesmerising performance on a 1696 Stradivarius Violin as the awe inspiring 6K Samsung Wall TV filled the room with video and imagery from past & present fashion catalogues of SAFIRO. The ultimate culmination of visual imagery, fashion and live music mixed together to make unforgettable memories for guests!

endless elegance, luxury fashion and innovative technology

Endless elegance and innovative technology intersected at the Berkeley Hotel’s Grand Pavilion Penthouse Suite – where Samsung presented their newest Digital Display marvel, The Wall. Its illuminating clarity and colours dazzled guests. Furthermore, their experience was enhanced by Andrew Bernadi’s spectacular performance. Situated conveniently nearby is Nicola Donati Luxury Style Retreat that showcases the SAFIRO collection. The Berkeley hotel’s luxurious haven could not have been a more perfect location for a night as exquisite as this one!

Damon Crowhurst, Head of Samsung Display, stated: “We were delighted to collaborate with SAFIRO at the Berkeley. Working with such an inspiring Independent luxury brand, that is local to the area, whilst showcasing the Samsung Wall in the Penthouse Suite enables an incredibly intimate experience in wonderful surroundings. Fusing fashion, digital art and classical music made for a truly splendid evening.”

The ambiance in the room was unparalleled, as guests enjoyed complimentary drinks and fare while admiring the magnificent pieces. Every item featured intricate details and precise tailoring that exemplified true luxury fashion. The overall look communicated a passion for elegance and femininity – something that has always been at the core of SAFIRO’s designs.

SAFIRO luxury fashion collection stuns at the iconic Berkeley Hotel Safiro

Yulia Shirokova, SAFIRO Founder & Creative Director, with guests at the event, wearing SAFIRO outfits.

exquisite luxury tailored suit with metallic lace corset

The night was a dazzling display of exquisite luxury style that evoked the feeling of nature and art. SAFIRO’s creative colour palette, showcasing hues ranging from pale lilacs to deep navy blues mesmerised guests at the event. 

“I was overjoyed to have the privilege of partnering with such a renowned brand for this amazing event. The evening combined the technology, artistry, music and fashion into one captivating experience for our clients and guests in our local community!” said Yulia Shirokova, SAFIRO Founder.

The crown jewel in this collection? An exquisite tailored suit crafted with luxurious fabric from cashmere and cinchilla hair, elevated even further with an unforgettable lace corset design! This impeccable look was nothing short of spectacular and offered an unforgettable experience to those who witnessed it.

The intricate details and craftsmanship behind this masterpiece were awe-inspiring. The cashmere fabric was incredibly soft and supple, providing a sense of comfort unlike any other material. This quality was perfectly complemented by the cinchilla hair added to the fabric, which lent a subtle yet sophisticated texture to the suit. Finally, the metallic lace corset added an extra layer of sophistication making it truly unique.

Overall, this stunning ensemble managed to capture both elegance and luxury in one package. It is no wonder that it caught the attention of everyone present at the event. Its very presence radiated a feeling of opulence incomparable to any other outfit that day.

exceptional modern and tailored experience

When it comes to luxury fashion, SAFIRO offers an exceptional and modern experience tailored specifically for each individual. Unparalleled elegance blended with high-quality fabric and superior craftsmanship make this label a truly one-of-a-kind. This is why you can wear their garments from business meetings to cocktail hour without missing a beat. Each edition features only 5 – 20 garments per design — so you’ll be sure your style is distinctive!

The brand’s commitment to high-quality fabric and superior craftsmanship not only make for timeless designs but also ensure your style will transcend trends and go from business meetings to cocktail hour with ease.

The meticulous attention to detail that SAFIRO puts into every piece of clothing guarantees you are investing in garments that will remain luxurious for years to come. From intricate lace detailing, beautiful hand embroidery, and bold prints, the fine craftsmanship of our designs ensures that every garment is special. With these details in mind, you can trust SAFIRO for an exclusive and one-of-a-kind look.

At SAFIRO, the perfect balance between classic style and modern trends can be found – allowing you to express your own unique sense of fashion with every wear. Our collections feature elegant cuts with thoughtful additions such as delicate trimmings or distinctive pockets. These details make each piece stand out while still remaining timelessly fashionable. Whether you are looking for a statement dress or an exquisite blazer that exudes power and sophistication – SAFIRO has something perfect for any occasion!

sustainable business model

Based in Belgravia, the brand is committed to a sustainable business model. We believe in a sustainable business model for luxury fashion. We are using local production in London and natural, sustainable materials. This allows us to create stunning pieces that not only provide a modern take on classic styles but also help protect the environment. Additionally, our zero-waste approach means that our products are designed efficiently. Thus, the result is an ethical and luxurious collection of apparel and accessories.

We strive to create a closed-loop system where all of the materials used to manufacture our items are sourced in Europe. We use natural materials such as silk, cashmere, fine wool – which are proven to be more durable than synthetic alternatives. 

Not only do these practices help reduce environmental damage caused by fashion production but they also provide economic benefits. By manufacturing closer to home, we reduce carbon emissions associated with international shipping costs. Thus, we’re also reducing our carbon footprint one step at a time!

Finally, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond simply making products from natural materials. We’re committed to ensuring that those who work on producing them have fair wages and safe working environments. As a result, we strive for transparency throughout the entire supply chain. Thus, our customers know exactly how their clothes were made and who made them.

monochrome designs

SAFIRO has been featured in Royal Monaco, Royal Ascot, Hola, The Telegraph, Belgravia Magazine and more. Their creations have even earned them “masterclass” levels of acclaim for monochrome designs.

This type of design combines two or more shades of one colour to create a unique look that is modern and chic. While some monochrome looks can be overly minimalistic, SAFIRO has crafted a diverse portfolio of styles that manage to be both eye-catching and timeless.

The brand’s distinctively minimalist approach to styling creates an elegant, sophisticated feel. For instance, our monochrome cocktail dresses are designed to flatter the figure with flattering silhouettes, while still remaining sleek and simple. In addition, the use of texture and fabrics such as chiffon or satin add luxurious touches to these designs, making them perfect for formal occasions.

SAFIRO’s monochrome separates have also earned them much acclaim for their versatile style potential. From blazers and trousers that can be mixed-and-matched into chic office looks, to bold statement pieces. All our luxury fashion garments are designed with careful attention to detail and precision tailoring techniques. Therefore, these practices help to ensure SAFIRO garments fit perfectly while maintaining their classic appeal.

Thus, with so many options available, SAFIRO’s designs have earned them “masterclass” levels of acclaim from fashion critics.

Please follow the link below to see a video round-up from the event.

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private appointments in belgravia

You can view SAFIRO collection by making an appointment at Nicola Donatti Luxury Style Retreat in Belgravia or contacting us +44 (0) 203-633-8513, We look forward to welcoming you and creating for you an outfit of your dreams. 

If you are looking for something more bespoke with a custom design, we would be happy to create an outfit for your memorable occasion. Whether it’s for yourself or your wedding guests, our custom design outfit process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Please visit our craftsmanship page to learn more about couture methods and the attention to detail we use to create our stunning designs.