the evening of Glamour and sophistication
At Wentworth

Welcome to Wentworth, where glamour and sophistication came together on 24 March  in a timeless showcase of fashion, music, art and technology blended in perfect harmony to create a truly remarkable experienceSAFIRO had an honour to show our luxury collection at a beautiful event organised with Samsung and HiiLIFE and hosted by Southern Grove, creating an unforgettable evening for our guests.

The event took place in Queens Wood House – a magnificent property and a HiiLIFE show home – a showcase of style and sophistication where every detail has been carefully curated, making the experience truly remarkable. It was truly a night to remember as guests dressed up in their best cocktail outfits and let themselves indulge in the ultimate night of glamour.

striking samsung wall experience

As the evening began, our guests were welcomed into a world of beauty and sophistication. The Samsung Wall was the centerpiece of the room, showcasing a stunning art display that left all who gazed upon it in awe. 

The bold, striking visuals created an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. It was truly a one-of-a-kind luxury multimedia display that welcomed each person into a world of endless possibility. Our guests had a chance to step into sophistication with Samsung Wall and indulge in a visual experience that is unmatched.

The visuals were bold, with striking colours that popped against the dark backdrop. It was as if we were transported to a new world, a world where imagination and creativity were at their peak. This stunning multimedia display was a true testament to the very definition of sophistication.


Stunning images of the Samsung Wall and SAFIRO designs beautifully captured by Surrey Magazine.


SAFIRO’s fashion presentation was a magnificent display of feminine power, confidence, and comfort. Guests were transported into a world of flowing fabrics, perfect for transitioning from the sunny beach to a hot summer party. The collection also boasted stunning evening gowns, designed to turn heads and make a statement. 

The SAFIRO collection exudes femininity with its garments that are delicately crafted from only the finest fabrics. The garments are a celebration of art and nature and pay homage to their inspirations through intricate details and unique designs. Every piece in this collection is created with unmatched craftsmanship, making each garment a true work of art. From flowing dresses to softly structured blazers, all lined with silk, the SAFIRO collection has something for every woman who wants to embody elegance and grace. The attention to detail and high quality of every piece in this collection is something to be admired and cherished for years to come.

The entire atmosphere was amplified by the exquisite music played by Andrew Bernardi Stradivarius Piano Trio. It was evident that every detail was carefully curated to create a unique and unforgettable experience. 

SAFIRO’s three themes embodied the essence of femininity, offering something for everyone. The power, confidence, and elegance behind the designs were unmistakably feminine, leaving all the guests in awe.


Highlights from SAFIRO collection beautifully showed by models Wiktoria Frankowska, Isabella Araujo, Natacha Loftus. Photos by @gokhangoksoyphoto.


The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Yulia Shirokova, SAFIRO Founder next to 'Defiance' photograph by Chris Fallows. Photo by Surrey Magazine.

The evening was a visual feast of striking wildlife photographs by a remarkable and influential photographer Chris Fallows. The artist’s talent for capturing raw emotion and stunning wildlife on camera was truly impressive. 

The display of his magnificent work on Samsung light boxes and screens mesmerised everyone in attendance. We were all in awe of his breathtaking photo ‘Defiance’ featuring majestic elephants. 

We found it particularly empowering to witness how this artist captures such strength and beauty in these magnificent creatures. Chris Fallows’ photographs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving wildlife and their natural habitats.

At this glamorous event, we had the honour of seeing the breathtaking results of Chris’s collaboration with SAFIRO – a captivating scarf collection with whale tales and ocean captures. 

The stunning scarf designs were not only the perfect accessories for this evening but also served as a reminder about sustainability and of our responsibility to protect the wildlife and their natural habitats. It was a perfect blend of fashion and environmental awareness that left us in awe of Chris’s talent and his unwavering passion for preserving our planet.

The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Joanne Parkhill, Nicoletta Adda, Louise Li
The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Damon Crowhurst, Andrew Southern, Tiffany Bentley, Yulia Shirokova
The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Elia D'Anna, Jad Lahoud, Charlotte Lahoud, Emilie Edberg, Joseph D'Anna

exquisite music by stradivarius piano trio

The SAFIRO fashion presentation was carefully curated with the help of the Bernardi Music Group to create a truly immersive experience. Against this backdrop of the fashion beauty and grace, guests were treated to the incredible talents of Andrew Bernardi’s Stradivarius Piano Trio. Performing on his musical genius 1696 Stradivarius Violin, Andrew took our breath away with his exquisite performance, accompanied by the talented Maria Marchant on the piano. 

The music they played was chosen to perfectly complement the SAFIRO collection, which embodies the very essence of femininity and elegance. Sir Edward Elgar’s Chanson de Matin, Nigel Hess’s Ladies in Lavender, and Fritz Kreisler’s Prelude and Allegro were elegantly performed and synced perfectly with the collection’s themes. This was truly an immersive experience that left all guests amazed and craving for more.


The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Andrew Bernardi and Maria Marchant, photo by Edward Lloyd
The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Maria Marchant, Bernardi Music Group
The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Andrew Bernardi, Bernardi Music Group

a night to remember

The night was filled with elegance and beauty as our guests were treated to a spectacular performance by the Andrew Bernardi Stradivarius piano trio, as our guests mingled amongst the intricate designs and the stunning visual display of Chris Fallows’ artwork on display. Almost 100 guests attended and we were thrilled to receive such positive feedback on our collection. 

The atmosphere was simply stunning in the stunning Queenswood House. Amidst the mesmerising music, the Samsung Wall, breathtaking art and SAFIRO designs, there was an aura of luxury and sophistication that encapsulated the entire evening. 

Seeing the smiles on our guests’ faces as they experienced our featured designs was truly unforgettable. We captured the essence of the evening in a breathtaking video, showcasing the beauty of the event and the lasting memories created.

It was a truly unforgettable experience, a night of artistic excellence and refinement that will be in the memories of our guests for a very long time.

The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Ana Kostenkova and Tatiana Nichols
The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Annalisa Kerr and Joanna Gronkowska
The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Joanna Parkhill and Jane Ray enjoying magic moments

Heartfelt Gratitude

We would like to express our gratitude to SamsungHiiLIFE, and Southern Grove for the honour to showcase our collection during this special evening. It was an amazing experience to see the collection come to life, and we are so thankful for their support. 

We also want to extend a special thanks to Andrew Bernardi and the Bernardi Music Group for their ongoing support and creating a beautiful musical performance that perfectly complemented the elegance of our collection. 

We were thrilled to have Surrey Magazine and Edward Lloyd join us for the evening and we appreciate their coverage of the event. 

Our models, Wiktoria Frankowska, Isabella Araujo, and Natacha Loftus, did an incredible job showcasing our collection, and we couldn’t have asked for better models. 

Last but certainly not least, we want to thank Gokhan Goksoy for capturing stunning photos of our guests and producing an excellent video of the event. 

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who made this event possible. Most of all, we are grateful to all our guests for joining us and making this evening truly unforgettable. 

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Yulia Shirokova, Nicoletta Adda, Damon Crowhurst and Andrew Bernardi with models Wiktoria Frankowska, Isabella Araujo, Natacha Loftus
The evening of glamour and sophistication at Wentworth Safiro
Nathan and Nicola Pillai, Benny Hancock, Yulia Shirokova, Sarah and Scott Ellison

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