Giada Lini Dazzles in SAFIRO dress
at La Bamba Premier

Renowned dancer and choreographer Giada Lini, recently turned heads in SAFIRO mint silk Peacock dress at the Press Night for the premier of La Bamba. Giada choreographed this performance together with her husband, Graziano Di Prima. 

The star of the evening was not just the much-anticipated dance performance choreographed by the Giada and Graziano but also a stunning mint silk satin SAFIRO Azore Peacock dress that Giada wore.

With its intricate peacock embroidery motif and the timeless elegance of the fitted silhouette, highlighting SAFIRO’s exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Giada in SAFIRO: A Symphony of Elegance and Craftsmanship

Giada’s choice of attire for the evening was a testament to her vivacious personality and commanding presence. She chose to wear the beautiful SAFIRO mint silk satin dress embellished with intricate peacock embroidery. The dress, resplendent in mint silk satin, seamlessly integrated the occasion’s theme, mirroring the vibrancy and dynamism of La Bamba.

The embroidery detailing on the back of this couture dress, a homage to the majestic peacock, was a sight to behold. This artistic feature embodied SAFIRO’s bold and luxurious aesthetic. It is a key feature paying tribute to the grace and beauty of the dance form celebrated during the evening. This intricate design served as a testament to SAFIRO’s commitment to detail and its ability to merge artistry with fashion.

I felt like a princess! So grateful to Yulia and Nicoletta for being by my side every step of the way!!
They are just the best! The choice of this beautiful outfit was perfect for my special occasion! The quality of the dress, the beautiful accessories and the attention to every detail make me feel so confident and beautiful!

Giada Lini

Why We Selected the SAFIRO Azore Peacock Dress for Giada Lini

When selecting an ensemble for a special occasion, the choice hinges on more than just the aesthetic appeal of a garment. It’s about finding a piece that complements the wearer’s style, shape and complexion. And, of course, it has to suit the event’s theme and the prevailing weather conditions. 

We couldn’t think of a better choice for Giada Lini than the SAFIRO Azore Peacock Dress for the Press Night of La Bamba.

The Azore Peacock dress, crafted from luxurious mint silk stretch satin, is a marvel of design and craftsmanship, making it perfect for special occasions like weddings or gala nights. The captivating mint colour of the dress beautifully complemented Giada’s vibrant personality and colouring.

In London’s warm August weather, the medium-weight silk provided the right balance of elegance and comfort. The softness of the high-quality silk, coupled with a dropped shoulder line and subtle detailing, added to the dress’s unique style without compromising comfort.

The exquisite embroidered detailing on the transparent back was a sight to behold. The two-tone hand-drawn peacock embroidery added a layer of sophisticated glamour to the dress. It was resonating perfectly with the grandeur of the dance event. The split skirt enhanced the dress’s glamour, making it a showstopper for the special occasion.

But the most striking feature of this timeless couture piece was how it seamlessly blended beauty and grace, much like Giada herself. The SAFIRO Azore Peacock dress was not just a garment but an extension of Giada’s charisma and elegance. It was also symbolising her artistic journey and the joy of dance.

The SAFIRO Azore Peacock Dress was chosen for Giada Lini because it perfectly encapsulated her vibrant personality. It also complemented the warm summer evening, and mirrored the grandeur of the La Bamba premier. It dazzled Giada in true luxury, making the night even more memorable.

Versatility Meets Style 

While the dress was undoubtedly fitting for such a glamorous event, it’s worth noting its versatility.

With a change of accessories and footwear, this SAFIRO masterpiece can transition from a red-carpet showstopper to a standout piece at a casual brunch or an intimate dinner.

This adaptability, coupled with undeniable elegance, sets SAFIRO designs apart. It resonates with women seeking a style that transcends occasions.

A stunning two-tone hand-drawn peacock embroidery on the back gives the dress a sophisticated glamour, making it ideal for special events. The split skirt also creates an even more glamorous look for those extra special occasions.


A Touch of Pinkananas: The Styling Collaboration with Nicoletta Adda

Taking centre stage in the glamorous event, Giada’s stunning ensemble was styled to perfection by Nicoletta Adda of Pinkananas Image Consultancy. Known for her creative flair, Nicoletta’s styling expertise shone through in the exquisite outfit choice.

The dress was impeccably paired with a set of exaggerated crystal silver statement earrings that added an element of drama to the look. The earrings complemented silver crystal shoes and a silver bag by Fendi, which further elevated the outfit’s elegant appeal. These well-thought-out details showcased Nicoletta’s ability to create a harmonious blend of style elements that enhanced Giada’s natural radiance.

Nicoletta Adda is the leading image consultant, personal stylist, and personal shopper behind Pinkananas Image Consultancy. She is known for creating wardrobe-optimising style combinations tailored to each client’s needs. And this collaboration was no different. Nicoletta’s work on Giada’s ensemble was a testament to her ability to understand her client’s personality and translate it into an aesthetically pleasing outfit that is intrinsically representative of the person wearing it.

This collaboration between SAFIRO, Giada Lini, and Nicoletta Adda showcased how fashion and dance can come together to create a mesmerising spectacle. It was a celebration of creativity, elegance, and individuality, made possible by Nicoletta’s unique styling approach and SAFIRO’s dedication to crafting luxury pieces.

"I chose this dress for Giada because it matched her personality and physical traits to perfection. The dress fully covers Giada's beautiful and toned dancer's figure, yet the perfect fit with the subtle split along the leg and the intricate lace back panel gives her a sophisticated sensual appeal.

The colour complements Giada's piercing blue eyes. As a stylist, I must ensure that my client looks stunning and feels fantastic in the outfit I select for them. When a beautiful dress is worn with confidence, a woman turns heads in awe and admiration. That's exactly what happened when Giada wore this Safiro dress!"

Nicoletta adda, pinkananas london

Giada Lini Dazzles in SAFIRO at La Bamba Premier Safiro
Nicoletta Adda (middle) with guests at SAFIRO event in Wentworth, March 2023

A Night to Remember

The La Bamba premier was as glamorous as expected. The air buzzed with excitement as Giada and Graziano took centre stage at the event, showcasing their choreography skills. Interviews with the talented couple added a personal touch to the event, offering insights into their creative process and experience working together.

Giada, radiant in her SAFIRO dress, was the epitome of grace. We were delighted to dress Giada for this special occasion. Our ethos are to support women seeking to make a statement while celebrating their individuality.

In conclusion, the Press Night was not just a celebration of dance but also a showcase of the harmony between art and fashion, as embodied by Giada Lini in her stunning SAFIRO dress.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Nicoletta Adda for her invaluable contribution to this outfit and for orchestrating this successful collaboration. Her styling prowess and keen eye for detail have indeed brought a touch of ‘Pinkananas’ to the glamourous world of dance and fashion.

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