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In the heart of every piece by SAFIRO lies a story waiting to be told, a secret yearning to be unveiled. Now, from the comfort of your home, we invite you to journey with us into the depths of sartorial artistry. With our personalised 1:1 virtual consultation, unlock the style secrets that define SAFIRO, gain clarity on your perfect measurements, and let us illuminate your path as you curate your dream ensemble for that special occasion.

Please book one of the consultations below to experience, explore, and embrace the SAFIRO essence, all at your fingertips.

Personal appointments Safiro

SAFIRO's Bespoke Event Elegance Consultation

Dive into a virtual realm of personalised luxury with SAFIRO. Whether it’s an opulent gala, a serene soirée, or a cherished personal moment, let us guide your fashion choices to perfection. During this virtual consultation, our team will gather your requirements and offer outfit ideas tailored to your individual style, preferred hues, and event venue.

30 Minutes – complimentary

Personal appointments Safiro

SAFIRO's Precision Fit Session

Step into SAFIRO’s virtual fitting room and ensure your luxury pieces fit as if they were tailored just for you. With our expert guidance, we’ll walk you through the process of confirming your measurements, ensuring you select the perfect size. Say goodbye to size uncertainties and embrace a fit that celebrates your silhouette.

20 Minutes – complimentary

Personal appointments Safiro

SAFIRO's Personal Touchpoint Session

Step into the virtual world of SAFIRO and delve deeper into the SAFIRO experience. During this session you can ask any questions, wether they pertain to our meticulous craftsmanship, the unique fit of a treasured piece, or tailored styling guidance, we are here to share our unique story and assist.

30 Minutes – complimentary

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Be indulged and pampered with a truly personalised appointment experience with SAFIRO at Nicola Donati Luxury Style Retreat in Belgravia, London. 

Join us to meet the founder of SAFIRO, Yulia, to learn the background story behind each exquisite garment – made from only precious and rare fabrics

You can also try on your favourites from our online boutique during an hour-long session that will most definitely leave you feeling deeply inspired! 

Our international clients can also be part of this unique experience through virtual sessions!


Yulia Shirokova and Nicola Donati at the Luxury Style Retreat in Kinnerton Street

An incredible sense of comfort coupled with impeccable attention-to-detail awaits! Experience our passion for crafting stylish and comfortable garments that are so unique, they can be considered pieces of art. 

During an appointment, we’ll help design a look tailored just for you – based on your measurements, favourite shades & colours, outlook and inspirations. And if what catches your eye isn’t available in your size. we will create this garment for you within two or three weeks.

Become our muse and let us discover, define, and refine your perfect look.

For more details RVSP today. 

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We would be so delighted to welcome you at Nicola Donati Luxury Style Retreat in the heart of Belgravia, London and share with you our passion for luxurious and comfortable designs. 

Please let us know what works for you and we’ll get back to you with a confirmation promptly.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!


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Personal appointments Safiro

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