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Our vision is to be one of the best quality clothing brands in the UK. For us, this means applying haute couture aesthetic and quality craftsmanship to create luxury quality, bespoke and timeless outfits for you to wear every day. 

We choose to put additional effort into creating details that will make you feel that you are wearing something special and unique. You will also have a sense of indulging in the luxurious and comfortable feel, making you want to wear these garments repeatedly. 

silk lining

All SAFIRO garments are skilfully lined with silk-satin, a breathable and whisper soft fabric which is a delight to wear.

Lining also serves the purpose of keeping the shape of the garment and reduces creasing. This makes the garment look crisp throughout the day. This is part of our craftsmanship style and applying haute couture aesthetic to create garments that make you feel luxurious every day.

Craftsmanship Safiro

once you feel silk satin against your skin, it’s hard putting anything else on. that blissful cool feeling makes wearing clothes such a joy.

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Our finest fabrics are sourced from the most reputable Italian and French suppliers. We create our garments with the finest natural and noble fabrics: cashmere, silk, and fine wool. This helps us create garments for longevity, not trend.

Shimmery silk cloque, luxurious silk-satin, bespoke embroidery & artistic treatments define SAFIRO exquisite cocktail collections.

Our timeless outfits are designed and hand-fashioned in London or Italy by skilled artisans using traditional couture and demi-couture techniques.

Craftsmanship Safiro

Further embellishments and bespoke artistic elements include embroidery, pleating and hand-drawn designs and prints. All these elements add further details that are part of our haute couture aesthetic. You can see examples of our bespoke embroidered SAFIRO Crystal brooches and silk hair accessories to add a finishing touch to your look.

Our double cashmere coats and jackets are created using deconstructing technique. The fabric is split in the middle and all seems are finished by hand, making them invisible.

Craftsmanship Safiro

UNIQUE clothing & haute couture aesthetic

We create timeless clothing for every day with haute couture aesthetic. Our unique recipe blends the finest materials, delicate hues and feminine silhouettes to create chic business and daywear, artisanal cocktail dresses and breath-taking evening wear that is memorable, luxurious and timeless.

Every classic style design is part of a limited edition of 5 and 20 garments, made in the UK. 

We prioritise fit and functionality over design. All our timeless garment go through three stage fitting to achieve a perfect fit.

We methodically consider all details to design our bespoke garments for longevity and make them comfortable to wear.

We craft our bespoke clothing pieces with French seams, which take twice as long to sew as the standard overlock seams, but make an incredibly durable and strong garment that is built to last.

feedback from our clients

SAFIRO created a bespoke bridesmaid dresses for an unforgettable wedding at Villa del Balbianello with attention to every small detail for the best possible performance. 

The setting and design of my wedding was classic & bespoke with focus on fine quality. I wanted this mood to be reflected in the looks of the bridesmaids, reminiscing of the classical Italian Renaissance & inspired by the lake Como gardens. The SAFIRO masterpiece was simply beautiful and unique, and the experience was rewarding & truly meaningful.

Client Lucy, Singapore

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creating to save the world...

Not only do we use silk satin to back all of our designs, but we also only ever use responsibly sourced all-natural fabrics from our European partners. Our approach to sustainability has been embedded in a number of day-to-day practices from the design stage to production, shipping and repurposing the remaining fabric to create beautiful silk hair accessories.

This is part of our continuing effort to ensure Safiro is a sustainable company for conscious clients.





Craftsmanship Safiro

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