Safiro was founded by Yulia Shirokova in 2020. Since the age of 12, Yulia has been designing and making clothes, initially for herself and her family, and  then for clients. In 2018, she took a break from her consulting career to  follow  her passion for art, sophisticated elegance and luxury craftsmanship. This was a pivotal moment when Yulia decided to follow her dream and create a bespoke womenswear collection.

From the very beginning, Yulia decided to create a brand fused with love, beauty and purpose, and care for the environment, following Hawaiian  ‘The Aloha Spirit’, which means ‘joyfully sharing life’.

It’s a combination of feminine grace and a strong core that allowed Yulia to succeed in the business world while also keeping her dream, creativity and passion alive. This led to the creation of SAFIRO. Yulia believes that feminine grace and strong character are not mutually exclusive qualities, just like the qualities of a gemstone. 

SAFIRO is named after Yulia’s homeland – beautiful Siberia – an area that houses the most precious gemstones in the world..


The way we dress says a lot about who we are and how we see the world around us. 

My passion is to make women who wear SAFIRO garments feel confident in achieving their most ambitious dreams and yet feminine and elegant.

At SAFIRO, we create thoughtfully, taking care of every detail and tailoring every garment with genuine love, so that when you wear it – you feel it was created just for you.