Safiro is a luxury womenswear brand founded by Yulia Shirokova in 2020. The brand is inspired by and created for strong, multifaceted women who appreciate sophisticated elegance and luxury. 

From a young age, Yulia’s passion for design was sparked by watching her mother’s tailor back in Siberia craft pieces of fabric into beautiful garments, which felt like a magical transformation. Later, she learnt she had the talent to make her own. Since the age of 12, Yulia has been designing and making clothes, initially for herself and her family, and  then for clients.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Psychology in Siberia, Yulia won scholarships to study International Relations and Politics in the USA and UK. Following this, Yulia pursued a high-profile career as a consultant for UN agencies, governments and global listed companies.

In 2018, she took a break from her consulting career to follow her passion for art, sophisticated elegance and luxury craftsmanship. Yulia travelled to Hawaii to reconnect with her dream and vision, and find inspiration.

This was a pivotal moment when Yulia decided to create SAFIRO – an elegant womenswear brand with a focus on luxurious materials and artisanal details.


On her journey to establishing SAFIRO, Yulia passionately pursued and completed multiple short courses in fashion design, illustration, and personal styling, to name a few, at prestigious institutions like Central St Martin’s and the London School of Fashion. This education has not only fuelled her passion but also deeply informed the unique style and high-quality craftsmanship that define each creation.

It’s a combination of feminine grace and a strong core that allowed Yulia to succeed in the business world while also keeping her dream, creativity and passion alive. This led to the creation of SAFIRO – a sustainable luxury fashion brand for powerful women.

SAFIRO is more than a brand. It’s a testament to the powerful, creative woman who isn’t afraid to dream. It’s about embracing elegance and luxury while retaining a strong core.

SAFIRO is also an invitation to experience the exquisite blend of timeless high quality designs that will last a lifetime due to exceptional quality of materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Each piece echoes a commitment to style and environmental responsibility, a symphony of luxury and sustainability tailored to perfection, just for you.

The SAFIRO woman loves fashion but doesn’t want to follow trends; instead, she wants unique pieces that reflect her individual style.

The SAFIRO mission is to provide unique stylish clothing that makes women feel beautiful, feminine and confident – regardless of size or shape.

Drawing on inspiration from art and nature, each piece is classic yet modern, with a feminine edge that can take you from the boardroom to the boardwalk in style.

Yulia has combined her creative passions, business experience and design skills to create a line of timeless clothing that is not only stylish and elegant but also environmentally conscious. Each piece is made with sustainable materials and produced in London in an ethical way.

The name of the brand – SAFIRO – comes from sapphire, one of the most precious gemstones in the world. Just like sapphire represents both elegance and strength, SAFIRO clothes represent the best of both worlds: femininity and power.

Through working with global companies and her travels, Yulia has gained an international network of friends who have been supportive of her vision and have become some of SAFIRO’s first clients.

Yulia regularly participates in high-profile international business conferences, where she has moderated a panel on Global Citizenship at an event in Davos in 2020. She is also passionate about art and supports art organisations in London.

The way we dress says a lot about who we are and how we see the world around us. 

My passion is to make women who wear SAFIRO garments feel confident in achieving their most ambitious dreams and yet feminine and elegant.

At SAFIRO, we create thoughtfully, taking care of every detail and tailoring every garment with genuine love, so that when you wear it – you feel it was created just for you.