safiro: luxury fashion with purpose


Under the canopy of a thousand stars and in the chill of the Siberian winter, a young girl watched as pieces of fabric were span into works of art. This was not the work of fairies or magic but the skilled hands of her mother’s tailor. The transformation was enchanting and sparked a flame in her heart. 

Years later, that flame has become SAFIRO – a luxury womenswear brand that weaves stories of strength, sophistication and feminine grace into every stitch.

From her humble beginnings in Siberia to a high-profile career as an international consultant, our Founder, Yulia Shirokova, has always carried the magic she saw in those fabrics. Artistry, elegance and sustainability – were not just attributes but a way of life.

When Yulia took a break from the corporate world, she journeyed to the distant shores of Hawaii. Surrounded by the whisper of the ocean and the vibrant nature of these islands, she rekindled her love for design and gathered strength to pursue her dream. 


safiro was born

Inspired and empowered, she made the decision that would change her life and the lives of many women.

Our brand is more than just fashion; it’s a testament to the power of dreams and the strength of women. Each garment is crafted with the finest materials and the utmost attention to detail.

From the softest silk to the most intricate embroidery, we create for women who seek to express their unique essence through elegant style and impeccable taste.

Just like a transformation of fabric into a beautiful garment, SAFIRO is here to transform the way you perceive fashion. We are not just creating clothing; we are redefining the luxury and elegance of dressing for the modern world.

You can achieve anything in life if you dress for it.


discover your safiro

From the sweeping plains of Siberia come the finest blue gems Sapphire. Forged by nature and history, these stones are cherished the world over for their other-worldly beauty. It is from these unique gems that SAFIRO draws its name. 

It is the land of make-believe made real. Stunning garments made from the finest threads, kind to the earth and wrought from the heart. Feminine, but strong and beautiful.

We invite you to embrace the SAFIRO woman within you and experience the magical transformation that every SAFIRO piece offers. Immerse yourself into our exquisite world of luxury materials, divine textures and artisanal details. 

Let’s weave our stories together into a tapestry of strength, sophistication, and feminine grace. Because at SAFIRO, we believe that every woman is a work of art.

Here is to the women who inspire us to dream, to dare and to design a world where luxury, elegance and sustainability coexist. 

Here’s to you!