our passion for fashion sustainability

At SAFIRO we care for our planet and each other.

We are committed to making the world a better place through fashion sustainability. At SAFIRO, we believe in and follow sustainable business practices at every step.

We select our suppliers and partners carefully and work only with companies that share our values to protect our planet.

Our sustainable luxury garments are made to order with a two-week delivery timeline, reducing unnecessary stock. We create all garments locally here in London, which helps us minimise shipment and avoid air pollution. 

We primarily use natural fabrics that last longer than those that aren’t biodegradable or reusable/ recyclable. This helps us keep waste down considerably. Furthermore, we re-purpose  the remaining material to create beautiful hair accessories from silk.

In addition, through the excellent Ecologi project we offset 100% of our carbon emissions by supporting their forestry programs worldwide.

We created an easy-to-follow guide for clients looking into fashion sustainability when selecting garments for their wardrobe. You can find out more via the link below.

sustainable and luxurious fabrics

Our commitment to luxury and sustainability is evident in the fabrics we choose for our couture garments. 

Our partners in Italy and France share our ethos, ensuring that we use only the finest materials that have been made sustainably. 

We are proud to say that all of our couture fabrics from Italy come from suppliers certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This means that every step of the production cycle, from the birth of the natural fiber to the finishing touches, is traced and meets the required standards for a sustainable and environmentally-friendly process. 

When you choose our couture garments, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a brand that values both luxury and sustainability.

we are proud to source our cashmere fabrics from Loro Piana – a company that places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility

It is reassuring to know that the production of our garments not only exudes luxury, but is also reflective of our commitment to preserving the planet’s resources. 

From their dedication to maintaining clean water to their use of solar energy to minimise CO2 emissions, it is evident that Loro Piana’s sustainability initiatives are far-reaching and genuine. 

At SAFIRO, are thrilled to be aligned with such a reputable company and are honoured to provide our customers with garments that are not only luxurious but also aligned with their own environmental values.


how to recognise a garment that was designed and made sustainably


timeles designs


material composition


locally made products


quality of craftsmanship

As you can see, there are a lot of aspects that make a sustainable garment and to help you with making choices when shopping. We share with you our tips in our guide

tree planting

It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. They are also crucial to preventing  ecological collapse.

For every garment you buy, we plant trees via the Ecologi project who work with their tree planting partner The Eden Reforestation Projects to plant millions of trees around the world each month.

sustainable packaging

At SAFIRO, we believe in combining luxury with sustainability. 

That’s why we use pioneering paper for our business cards, envelopes, and clothing labels that not only look feminine and luxurious but also are good for the planet. 

The innovative paper we use takes disposable paper coffee cups that would typically end up in landfills and transforms them into beautiful paper.

We’re proud to say that our suppliers use CupCyclingTM technology, which allows us to take 90% of the waste from each cup and convert it back into FSC certified paper fibre. 

Their paper contains at least five upcycled coffee cups in every sheet, and with one of the colours inspired by nature, it’s clear that we care about both quality and the environment.

Plus, this zero waste process means that we’re actively reducing the number of cups that end up being incinerated or taking up space in landfills. It’s all part of our commitment to positive luxury and fashion sustainability.